First Steps

First Steps is now an Holistic programme!


When we launched First Steps there was a need to help young unemployed people who were on the road to becoming a trades person – maybe they had the knowledge through experience or a technical qualification :

plumber, bricklayer, plasterer, electrician, carpenter or general labourer

While gaining and developing valuable experience on the small repair jobs they were also learning what makes a business tick – marketing, research, advertising, cash flow, profit, collaboration, communication, customer service and admin – skills that every employer now demands from all their staff.

We had a local model worked :  demand – small decorating, plumbing and repair jobs that qualified trades people were not fulfilling – and supply – local unemployed, inexperienced but willing young people who wanted to get trades experience.

But that supply has grown beyond just trades experience, as the youth unemployment problem has grown and now young people need business experience to be ‘job ready’.

The problem is a simple one – to become employed, employers want experience, but without employment how do you get the experience?

Our answer – become a holistic solution – so we have.


We can now support local businesses who want to increase their customer base – with our young people gain the basic business experience they need to add value on the first day of their employment.


Now we have taken another journey –  we have gone national and joined and as the franchise network grows, we will as part of  their Foundation, be helping all young people across the UK. See our blogpage for more info.






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